Carcroft Industrial Estate, Rotherham

Client: Ashtenne Industrial Fund Ltd Partnership
Construction cost: £11m

Project details

An 8 ha (20 acre) industrial estate in Carcroft, Doncaster.

Formerly owned by British Coal the site comprises a mix of dilapidated industrial units and storage compounds, with modern industrial units to the rear of the site.

Given the dilapidated condition, and the general under-utilisation of land (for storage compounds) across the estate, Linchpin were instructed to provide a redevelopment proposal for the site, which would: -

*Improve the overall image and quality of the site.
*Provide additional modern industrial accommodation.
*Maximise "added value"

In order to compensate for any loss in carrying costs / book value, (as a result of the redevelopment and site clearance) it soon became apparent that an element of "high value" residential would need to be incorporated on the site.

Our redevelopment therefore proposed a separate industrial and 3.5 ha (8.7 acre) residential zone, separated by a large landscaped buffer zone.

Additional modern industrial units (totalling 7,450 sq m - 80,182 sq ft) and a new two storey office building (1,115 sq m - 12,000 sq ft) have been accommodated within under-utilised land within the employment zone, effectively replacing the employment area and jobs lost as a result of the residential scheme.

Carcroft Industrial Estate
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