Concourse House Industrial Park Leeds

Client: Ashtenne Industrial Fund Ltd Partnership
Construction cost: £10m

Project details
This property comprises a 1.8 ha (4.6 acre) former mill complex which has been converted into an office based Business Centre, providing a broad cross section of office and commercial accommodation totalling 10,611 sq m (114,223 sq ft) within 28 units.

The site was particularly dilapidated with extensive voids, and required major capital expenditure on repairs, heating replacement etc.

Linchpin were asked to consider and provide an appropriate redevelopment scheme for the site which would improve the image and marketability, improve car parking and access, provide modern and desirable accommodation, and maximise the return to the client.

The redevelopment proposal essentially comprises the selective demolition of tired and redundant buildings, the refurbishment of Concourse House (3,160 sq m - 34,000 sq ft) and the Suite Building (3,390 sq m - 36,500 sq ft), and the provision of additional car parking and soft landscaping.

By adding a further storey and two storey new build to Concourse House, and a new retail frontage to the site, Linchpin were able to present an attractive and financially viable redevelopment proposal to the client.

Concourse House Leeds
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