scedule condition

Schedule of Condition

A schedule of condition is a document that simply records the condition of a building at a particular moment in time.

It has two main uses:-

Firstly to record the condition of a building at lease commencement, prepared on behalf of a tenant to limit their future dilapidation repairing liability.

A well advised tenant who has a schedule of condition prepared can save thousands of pounds at lease termination by requesting a schedule of condition be attached to their lease.

The second situation where a schedule of condition is often used is where the works involve the Party Wall Act 1996 (or indeed any works to adjacent or nearby buildings)

If a Building owner wishes to carry out works to party walls or floors, or undertake certain excavations, then a party wall award must be produced. A schedule of condition is prepared on the adjoining owner’s building to record its condition, prior to the building works commencing. It is then later re-examined to see whether the building works have caused any additional damage to the adjoining party. If any extra damage is noted over and above that recorded in the schedule of condition, the building owner carrying out the works will have to compensate or remedy the defects on the adjoining property.

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